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The debt counsellor must find you over indebted in order for him to proceed with the review, By means of Monthly income VS Monthly basic necessary expenses and Monthly debt repayments. You must have a monthly income.
Only a Debt Counsellor registered with the National Credit Regulator may assist you in the debt review proces
Yes, the debt counsellor will calculate the amount available and submit a proposal forward to all relevant creditors.
No, the debt counsellor will inform the National credit regulator of your application and all major Credit Bureaus of your debt review application, to prevent further over indebtness.
The debt counsellor assess all your credit agreements to ensure that there were no unlawful Credit agreements or Reckless lending which caused your over indebtness.
Yes, the Debt counsellor assigns a payment distribution agent (PDA) that is registered with the National Credit regulator and will provide a statement of all payments made to the creditors.
Yes, payments can be increased when there is affordability, speak to your debt counsellor if you want to make an increased payment.
Yes, speak to your debt counsellor and it will be arranged with the PDA to specifically pay off a creditor with any extra payment received by the PDA for distribution to creditors.