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  • Stop... Demand letters and summonses

  • Stop... Constant phone calls from your creditors

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Debt Review / Debt Counselling

A Debt Review is an application to court in terms of Section 86 of the National Credit act of 2005 by the consumers Debt Counsellor after discovery that the consumer is over-indebted and seeks a legal remedy.

The Debt counselling process is conducted by a registered debt counsellor by means of restructuring all credit agreements that the consumer has entered into, formulating a proposal of a more affordable payment, which would enable the consumer to sustain their essential monthly commitments and pay their monthly creditors obligations.

This Debt review court order is binding and will protect the consumers assets, prevent any further legal action and end all debt collection actions brought in terms of section 114 of the Debt Collectors Act.

The granted Debt Review application regains peace of mind and control back into the lives of the consumer enabling the consumer to achieve life and family goals.

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